Our professional 'Megadeck' stages are the industry standard. 

2400mm L x 1200mm W x 300/400/600mm H

2400mm L x 1800mm W x 300/400/600mm H

The 2.4m rollaway staging can comfortably fit our 1.2m table with a full nexus setup plus two of our 12" speakers on either side. Can also fit a 1.8m DJ Table with plenty of room for DJ to stand. 

The stage has wheels so is very easy to maneuver, however, weighs 65kgs so hard to take upstairs. We recommend adding delivery with this item.

Can choose height, either 30cms, 40cms, 50cms high. 

We can also custom order any stage of any size just shoot us an email and we can get a quote to you. Any shape or size. 

Constructed from high-grade aluminum for a light yet strong frame
Structural 15mm timber top.
Australian made.

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