We are creating a world leading platform that will give our artists access to more events in more cities.

Partnering directly with event organisers and venue operators around the globe will mean our Artists will have access to more events than ever before.

Our platform not only supplies our Artists with a constant supply of events in their area but helps take the guesswork out of hiring qualified DJs/Artists for venues and the general public - It's a win win for our industry.

Through our platform, DJs can access opportunities as soon as they're posted without the geographic restrictions and can talk directly to the job posters to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Artists create an online profile which has their social links, photos, bio, ratings, reviews and a link to their latest or greatest mix giving the job posters more to go off than just a recommendation.

Our platform is FREE to join for Artists and Job Posters and we only charge an admin fee once a successful transaction has taken place.

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